Sunday March 25

B.G.M.C. Sunday

Remember to bring your Buddy Barrels!

Next Sunday, March 25th, is B.G.M.C. Sunday! Kids, remember to bring your Buddy Barrels along with you!

Thursday March 22

Prayer Service

At the Church

Thursday March 22nd we will be having our weekly prayer service at the Church.

Looking for a Christian movie

New Christian Movies!

Check out the new Christian movies in theaters

Paul The Apostle will be opening on March 23rd at the Gateway Theatre in Gettysburg. Also, I Can Only Imagine will be opening on March 16th at R/C movies in Hanover.

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  • Sunday Morning Service: 9:45am
  • Nursery all Sundays
  • Children's Sunday School
    (Pre-K - 5th Grade: Every Sunday)
    (6th - 12th Grade: 1st & 3rd Sundays)
  • Youth (Next-Gen): after service till 2:30pm
  • Family Life Groups
  • Ask our Greeters about our info packets!
  • Visit with the Pastor after Service!


 The Holy Spirit - Part 16

(March 11, 2018)

Speaker: Pastor Todd McCauslin


(Numbers 11:29, Joel 2:28-29, Luke 3:15, Acts 2:2-18)

"On the Day of Pentecost: they heard, saw, felt, and spoke supernatural things. If you've accepted Jesus, and are a son, daughter, young man / woman, old man / woman, then you qualify to have God's spirit poured out upon you. What is apophthengomai? It's this idea of speaking words that are not coming from your own understanding."

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