Elaine McCauslin

See The Beauty In Ashes

Sunday February 25, 2018

(Psalm 34:8, 1 Kings 17:10-15, John 11:1-4, Matthew 26:36-39)

"It doesn't matter whose fault it is that something is broken if it's your responsibility to fix it. Fault and responsibility do not go together. Don't find fault; find a remedy. We are all a little broken. But the last time I checked, broken crayons still color!"

God has a Plan for Your Life

Sunday February 26, 2017

(Joshua 1:1-3, 3:7-8, 6:2-5, 7:10-13, 8:1-2, 11:6, 23:14)

"Are you listening? Are you asking? Will you do God's will? Don't be lazy!"

The one who obeys God's instruction today will have a clearer sense of His direction for tomorrow.


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