"Our vision is to see teens come to Christ, to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus, to equip them to boldly share Jesus with their family and friends, to give them a place to come and hang out with other teens that believe as they do, and to provide fun activities in a safe loving environment."

NextGen is for teens that are 12 years of age through their graduation from high school. After graduating, they transition into the Young Adults Group at Heritage. NextGen is led by Pastor Jacquie McCauslin and her helper Nerida Simon.


They meet at the Church every week after the Sunday morning service. They have lunch together and then have their own service until 2:30pm.


Our teens are NOT the "church of tomorrow!" They are the church of TODAY! By giving them strong biblical teaching and equipping them with all they need to boldly share Jesus with friends and family, our teens are changing their world and bringing hope to those around them.


If you're a teen that's still in high school and is at least 12 years old, we'd love to have you come and hang out with us at NextGen on Sunday afternoons. If you would like more information about Youth Group, please call the Church and ask for Pastor Jacquie!

Youth Pastor Jacquie McCauslin

NextGen-eration For God

1575 Chambersburg Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325


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